6100K Kiosk Scanner

Reliable Compact Check Scanning

At 8.2” D x 6.2” W x 3.0” H the 6100K kiosk check scanner is a perfect fit in virtually any kiosk. Designed for kiosks with slotted mounting holes and customizable metal or plastic deck options this scanner is easy to install.

The 6100 check scanner offers front or rear eject, stamp defacing and MICR + OCR code line reading. Have a unique opportunity and need a customer solution, no problem, the 6100K is highly customizable.

Fast, reliable and compact the 6100K kiosk check scanner is the right component for your kiosk.

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Due to increasing driver security, our new Windows driver is signed with SHA-2. If you run into issues installing our latest driver on Windows 7 you may need to install the following hotfix from Microsoft. By default, Windows 7 only works with SHA-1 signed drivers.
Microsoft Security Advisory 3033929