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Banking in India

2013 Was Not Kind to India’s Banks. With the world’s second largest population, India has a huge banking system. Unfortunately, Indian banks have a lot of things going against them currently, from a slowing economy and rising loan defaults to allegations of money laundering. On the bright side, The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has […]

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Digital Currency Catches On

Some times life seems more like a video game than reality. One of the more interesting instances of this is the emerging digital or virtual currency marketplace. The current market leader is Bitcoin. Banded in some countries, accepted in others, the Bitcoin concept has certainly generated a lot of interest and discussion since its introduction […]

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Happy New Year Everybody!

This past year was one of change and consolidation as the organization has continued to evolve. As the New Year, begins, Pertech is looking forward to a series of new products as well as enhancements to existing product lines. New market segments are being approached and additional features will address new technology demands in the […]

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