Pertech’s Virtual COM Application Solves Upgrade Connectivity Problems

article-usbPertech Industries has recently released an innovative USB-to-Virtual RS232 Serial Port software for use with the 5300 teller validation receipt printer.

The software has been eagerly anticipated as many financial institutions have been migrating to Windows 7 but may not need or want to update their teller software programs or change printer hardware.

The Pertech Industries’ 5300, impact or inkjet, teller station validation receipt printer with virtual RS232 port software provides the perfect, cost-effective solution.

The virtual RS232 port software allows the Pertech 5300 family of printers to connect to the PC via USB while the teller software can still operate normally – as if the printer was connects to a RS232 serial port.

If you would like more information regarding Pertech 5300 printers and USB-to-Virtual RS232 Serial Port software; please contact our sales or technical support teams at or call 1-800-800-6614. 

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